Do you use more than 3 bags? That's fine, you will need more tags for them at £10 each for the year. Just select the correct amount of tags in the drop-down menu of the 2020 Membership item and the total will be calculated automatically.

The tags are numbered, permanent tie wraps, a different colour for each season. Only  bags with this years tags attached will be emptied. Please do not give tags to other households as those bags will not be emptied. The tags will be delivered to your house, along with further details of this years collection calendar in time for the new season.

If you are a new Rotter, don't forget to buy your bags.

All orders will be delivered on your next collection date. Your bags will be emptied at the same time. Please ensure tags are attached for the following rounds.



Please Note: Only genuine Rotters green waste bags will be emptied, we will not collect/empty black bin bags, plastic compost bags, fertiliser bags or anything similar. Please make sure you have a valid tag on all Rotters bags left out. 

Make sure your Green Waste Bags are out for collection at 9AM on the morning of your round, and remember it is helpful to leave a stone, brick or medium-sized log to weigh your bags down if there is nowhere safe to return them to once emptied.