Frequently asked questions


WHERE ARE MY TAGS? Your tags will be with you in time for the rounds starting...End of March/Beginning of April. We do not post them out as soon as you pay, Volunteers deliver them on foot.

IS IT TOO LATE TO JOIN? No, you can join up any time throughout the year. If you want to ensure all 17 collections join up before the beginning of March.

WHEN IS MY COLLECTION DAY? Please see 'Our Services' page.

WHY USE ROTTERS BAGS? They are designed for easy emptying and are easily spotted from the road  as well as being  large, free standing and easy to fill.

HOW MUCH CAN I PUT IN EACH BAG?  Rotters volunteers and staff have hundreds of bags to pick up and empty each day so please be considerate, if you can't lift it yourself it is probably too heavy, try spreading the weight over a few bags. As a general guide only fill two thirds full, even less if grass cuttings. Very heavy bags can be labelled and left behind. (Health and Safety regulations stipulate 20kg max.) For the volunteers' safety, we carry baggage scales to check the weight of very heavy bags and record them.

WHERE CAN I GET BAGS FROM? You can purchase and collect them on site or online/over the phone and we'll drop them off on your garden waste collection day. If you have less than 3 bags already we will provide you with a Collection Tag for each new bag up to the three bag limit. Any bags over the initial 3 will need an Extra Tag for us to collect it. New bags and Extra Collection Tags are both available on our site.

I'VE MISSED MY COLLECTION DAY, CAN I BRING MY BAGS TO YOUR SITE? Unfortunately due to recent legislation, we cannot accept on-site drop-offs as we have in the past. If you have any queries we may be able to assist you over the phone or by email as to a solution.

I'VE DONE A GARDEN CLEARANCE AND HAVE A LOT TO GET RID OF? We can arrange to bring a collection van out specially. The service is £55 a van load and the green waste must be placed ready and accessible to load straight onto the vehicle (usually on the drive). We do not take old heaps of waste. THIS SERVICE IS UNAVAILABLE THIS YEAR.


YES PLEASE - hedge trimmings, grass cuttings, garden prunings, leaves, dead plants, weeds, woody waste.

NO THANKS - kitchen or food waste, animal dirt, wood or timber, stone or hard core, rubbish or litter, turf, flower pots or tags.

If your bag is contaminated we will place a contaminated sticker on it and leave it behind for you to sort out and dispose of.

HOW CAN I GET COMPOST? 50 litre sacks of our compost can be ordered and paid for online, by post (with cheque) or over the phone for delivery on your collection day. Due to huge demand this year we have a 'grab and go' contactless system in place where you can pay over the phone and arrange a time to collect your compost from site, we will deliver smaller amounts on the rounds if this is impossible. Larger dumpy bags can be ordered for special delivery, please remember to order early for Spring and Autumn because of the large amounts of orders at these times.

DO I PAY FOR COLLECTIONS? From 2019 there will be a £35 charge. 

MY GREEN WASTE SACK WAS LEFT UNEMPTIED! Before contacting us to report a missed collection please ensure: